4 Things You Can Do With Old Phonebooks

Phonebooks can sometimes accumulate over time.  As one year passes, a new book is created. You may receive a separate phone book for each telephone carrier in your area. Before you know it you could have four or five old phonebooks piling up. Although you may not know what to do with your old phonebooks, there is a plethora of different ways you can use them in the future. 

Here are four of the ways you can take advantage of your old books.

1. Recycling
The number one thing you should consider doing with your old phonebooks is recycling them.  Many times recycled phonebooks are used to make new ones down the road which saves trees, water, and electricity.

2. Clean windows
Believe it or not you can use the pages from your phonebook to clean your windows.  By using vinegar and phonebook pages, you can achieve a streak free shine on your windows.

3. Booster seat
Whether you have a short family member or a young child, an old phonebook can make for a good "step stool" or " booster seat".  You can plop it on the chair and have anyone sit on it as it is thick, tall and durable.

4. Step aerobics
You might as well take advantage of old phonebooks with your exercise routine as well.  Depending on how tall you want the step to be, you can place a couple of phonebooks on top of each other to increase the difficulty of the exercise.

From exercise to cleaning windows, there are a number of different ways you can use your old phonebooks.  Your first priority should be recycling them as it will help to save the environment.  Outside of that, take into consideration the various ways listed here that you can use them.


*Please be cautious with any activity you do with old phonebooks. In particular, if you chose to use a phonebook as a booster seat, step stool or for any aerobics exercise understand you are doing so at your own risk.