Tracing Phone Numbers of Prank Callers on Your Cell Phone

A prank caller is someone who calls and says something obscene or harassing. It can be a very frightful and very stressful. Prank callers once harassed people on their home phones only, but now they are calling cell phones as well. There are steps that can you can take to either find out who the caller is or put a stop to the calling.

Finding the Prank Caller

The first step you should take if you have a prank caller is to call the police. Once you make a complaint, the police will go ahead and open a record on the case to use for future use. The next step to take is to use the caller ID feature on your cell phone and write down the phone number of the prank caller. It may be just a friend trying to be silly, but you want to be sure. If you do not have this feature on your cell phone, the phone company may charge you a fee to provide the identity of the phone number of the caller, but paying the fee will be worth it if it stops a prank caller.

Another way to find out who is making the prank calls is to use one of the online detective sites. Once you have the phone number of the prank caller, you can conduct a search online for professional companies that provide this type of service. Be sure the company’s data is up-to-date and what charges are involved. Some companies offer the service for a once-a-year membership fee and others will charge the fee after the information is found. Always prepare to pay a fee, because there are no free searches.

This search will provide you with information such as who is calling, where the cell phone number is located, the phone company that provides service to that number, and the address of the owner of the cell phone (if available). This service will work with active or disconnected cellular phone numbers. Results are usually available between one to three business days.

Precautions with Prank Callers

In order to prevent a prank call, do not give out any personal information to someone you do not know. If someone calls and asks what number they called, instead of giving your number, ask them what number they dialed. Women living alone should have an unlisted number or list their first initial and last name only in the phone directory. Teach your children to never reveal information to unknown callers. A good way to screen your calls is by having voice mail put on your phone.

If you get a prank call, just hang up the first time, but if it continues, contact the police. It’s better to be safe than sorry.