Where you may have seen us:

Oklahoma's News on 6 - "Has set the goal to become the first online directory to create a national telephone directory that includes cell phone numbers..."

The Washington Post -"The companies are working together to take a strong stance on consumer privacy..."

Fierce Wireless -"Web startup is working to build a national directory..."


And it's not just the press and media companies who are talking... Here are what actual users have to say:

"I tried several other places to find this and your site was the only one that did find the number."

"I urgently needed the phone number re: a sudden death of a friend. You delivered it in seconds. Sincerest thanks."
-Mario S

"...Your site was the ONLY one that I had found on the net that was truly free ... so a million thanks for you all keeping your site really free! There was no way I was going to pay out of pocket just to check one phone number, but your site was just what I needed so I could get this person to stop calling me!" Thanks again!"
-A thankful web user =)

"I can always find who or what I am looking for on this website."

"I live in England and have been trying to contact my friend for a number of years now, that I last saw when I visited the States with my daughter in the 70's. Finally through your site I have been able to make contact. We have so many years to catch up on. Thank you."
-Beryl S

"This is an amazing directory..."
-Mrs. Alex S.

"Yes, I found your site very helpful. I Metal Detect for a hobby and found an metal item that had a name on it and even a address, both were just legible. I typed in what I thought was the name, but it ended up being a name with two L's instead of one. I traced the fellow down, in a town near where I live. I asked him if he was ever in the Scouts and he said a long time ago as he is now 64 yrs. old. I told him I found an item that I was sure belonged to him, he said if it did, that it was over 50 years old. I will be returning the item to the man next week. Thanks Again for allowing me to use your site to find this person. I bet he will be talking about this wonderful story through Christmas holiday and beyond."
-Dennis M

"Found an old friend that I lost contact with."
-Stan S

"Phonebooks.com is the real deal. They not only deliver the information necessary in locating my patients (doctors handwriting is generally not legible... except for numbers), but they accomplish it without deceiving you with the word 'free'".


"We are from Switzerland. We are planning a big trip to the USA. My parents had some friends in Westlake Village but no address. I thought it would be a good idea to meet with them while traveling through the USA. I just knew their name und town. And now I can call them. Thanks"
-Christina K

"Found her after 35 years, hope she is home"
-Steve E

"I have been receiving numerous calls from this number...when I answer they hang up. I have an unlisted # and am on the do not call list...the caller i.d. shows QRI but thanks to your site I know that this is Verizon...I do intend to stop these calls...thank you for your site"

"This is the only one out there that GIVES successful results without breaking the privacy laws and without false pretences. they all do this- but you. thank you. simply put."
-Georgia F

"Thanks for your help..."

"I have been trying to locate my aunt for my dad who has only seen his 1/2 sister once in his life. He is now almost 71 and you have helped to make this possible"
-Joanna Q

"Yes, I did locate the phone number of Carmino "Moose" Longhi. We were both students at Henry Ford's Wayside Inn Boy's School. Just trying to contact him; I left a message on his phone message.
Thanks for your service."
-Philip M

"Yeah there no other sites on the net that I can find records for of him but Phonebooks..."

"Yes, your site is one of the best"

"Other sites claim they are "free" trust me when I say they are NOT. Oh you can look a name up for free but that is all you can do, after that they need your credit card. However, that doesn't guarantee that there will be any other useful information you just have to wait until after they charge your card to find out. Not a single solitary site that I paid for came up with the information your site was able to produce. Amazing! And you have a street view of their location, extra amazing!
Your site will be the NUMBER ONE site for locating people, even the ones that think they are hiding from the law."

"This was the only site after looking at quite a few others that would give me a phone number without paying for membership. They all stated "free" but when it came down to getting a phone number I had to pay a fee."
-Carol B

"Yes thank you sooooooooooooooooooo much"
-Alexis J

"I was listening to some old rock n roll on the internet and having some really good memories. It almost blew my peaceful state of mind when all the telephone lookup sites were people charging for services I already pay for. Any way, Thanks, I found my best friends number from way back in the 70s. I have become disabled and unable to get out much. The money is very little to live on, so your service was greatly appreciated. "
-Tony M

We want to thank everyone who has sent us their kind words. While we can only post so many on the site, all messages are well received. Users like you help to keep us motivated to continue working and improving Phonebooks.com.