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As of July 14th, 2011 the online directory will restrict the information displayed on wireless numbers. The site will continue to offer free information on residential numbers. Read our press release regarding this here.

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() -'s Reverse Phonebook can help you find information on someone using a particular ten-digit phone number. If we are able to match the phone number you are searching for, we can provide information including the owner's name, the address associated with the telephone number, the original phone carrier, and more. This can be very useful if you have lost contact with someone or you simply wish to verify the owner of a phone number before calling them.

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There are many reasons why someone may wish to look up the owner of a phone number: tracing a harassing phone call, reuniting with an old friend, finding someone's address, or finding the proper spelling of someone's name. The problem with many traditional phonebooks and directories is that they only allow you to search using someone's name. is happy to offer a reverse phone number search, free of charge, to anyone looking for information.

Our reverse phonebook search allows users to search with both landline telephone numbers and some cell phone numbers. As of July 14th, 2011, if information on a cell phone number is found, we will begin restricting the information we make available. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, however, until we can find a solution to the privacy concerns surrounding cell phone numbers we feel this is the best action to take. For more on this, please visit our mobile phonebooks page.

Please understand that today's phone numbers can be moved freely from one carrier to another. Home phone numbers can even be made into cellular numbers and vice versa. When this happens the carrier and phone type information in our phone results can sometimes become outdated. Instead of removing this information we have chosen to continue making it available because this was the information of record when the number was first created.

Please also keep in mind that many times more than one person may be associated with a phone number. We've tried to provide as many names and aliases as possible, but it is important to keep this in mind if you are tracing an unknown caller.

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